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A New Chapter, Reviving Ethnographic Museums in Albania Post-2019 Earthquake, Yllka Gjikopulli

Yllka Gjikopulli

Yllka Gjikopulli

Contemporary video artist and curator

Yllka Gjikopulli (b.1985, Albania), based in Tirana, is a contemporary video artist and curator. With a role as an accomplished Curator of several Ethnographic Museums and the “Gjon Mili” Museum of photography, Gjikopulli brings a diverse background spanning various roles in the cultural and media sectors. Her journey started as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in Tirana, where she nurtured a passion for design and education. Her experience broadened further as the Head of Production at Albania Radio Television RTSH, leading projects that showcased Albania’s rich culture through media production. Co-founding the Agora Art Center highlighted her commitment to promoting artistic innovation and expression. Transitioning into roles such as Executive Curator at the Ethnographic Museums of Gjirokastra and Kadare House, and her commitment as Lead Architect and Curator for the Kruja and Kavaja Ethnographic Museums, she enhanced her skills in curation and cultural preservation. Throughout her career, whether as a Director, Head of Production, Curator, or Editing Professor, Gjikopulli has remained dedicated to amplifying diverse voices and narratives in society, shaping meaningful experiences for audiences worldwide.

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