Workshops Parallel Session 1

“Cultural heritage in unsuitable conditions” Simona Tripkovič and Andreja Bjelan, National Liberation Museum Maribor

Introductory presentation (with visual material) of the actual situation in the depots where the heritage objects of the industrial museum are located. The impact of policy on the relocation of cultural heritage from depots where conditions for preservation reached minimum standards to the relocation of collections in a space where conditions do not even reach minimum standards. Develop possible solutions.

In the second part of the workshop, we will focus on finding possible solutions in the same space. We will be looking for ideas and suggestions, as well as possible options for renovating the space so that the cultural heritage is safe from deterioration and how to optimally use the space for marketing.

Simona Tripkovič

Museum director of the  National Liberation Museum Maribor

Since 2022, she is a museum director of the  National Liberation Museum Maribor. In 1996, after graduating from the Faculty of Pedagogy in Maribor, she got a job at the museum as a curator educator. Until 2010, when she took up the position of curator, she introduced various pedagogical and andragogical programs to the museum. As a curator, she was in charge of the collections of textiles, which is one of the biggest collections in the museum, and collections of weapons. She is the author of a large number of exhibitions. She also collaborated with colleagues in the preparation and installation of exhibitions. She is an active participant in ICOM international congresses and other domestic and international symposiums, trainings and workshops. She is also the author of professional contributions that have been published in national and international journals. She is currently continuing her education in the field of psychodynamics for managers. As the museum director, she mainly advocates for cooperation between related institutions in Slovenia and abroad.

Andreja Bjelan

Andreja Bjelan

National Liberation Museum Maribor

Andreja Bjelan began her career at the National Liberation Museum Maribor in Slovenia, initially as a student and subsequently as an intern. Over the years, she also dedicated a significant portion of her career to journalism, researching and writing extensively about the influence of media on society, the impact of social networks, local politics, and cultural affairs. At the National Liberation Museum Maribor, her responsibilities include managing depots and various collections, as well as participating in the organisation of exhibitions and the development of educational guides. Her research is primarily focused on the 20th century, with a special interest in the period between World War I and World War II, and the history of photography.

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