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Engaging children and youth with storytelling and heritage gamified activities Vasilka Dimitrovska, HAEMUS

The session will explore the innovative and interactive realm of heritage gamified activities designed to engage children and youth. We will discuss how gamification can be a powerful tool in fostering a deeper connection with history, traditions, and cultural artefacts among the younger generation, thus discovering the exciting potential of gamified approaches in preserving and transmitting cultural legacies to future generations. Through examples and case studies, we will highlight the effectiveness of incorporating game elements into educational initiatives, providing insights into designing compelling and immersive experiences that make learning about heritage both enjoyable and meaningful for children and youth. The presentation will be followed by interactive exercise by participants.

Vasilka Dimitrovska

Vasilka Dimitrovska


Vasilka Dimitrovska holds a Master of Science in Archaeology and wears many hats, including heritage consultant, cultural manager, storyteller, content writer, and creative director of HAEMUS. Since 2011, she has been an associate of the National Geographic Society. Dimitrovska has played a pivotal role in legally safeguarding the “Martinki Custom” within UNESCO, through a multinational application. In recent years, she has served as a permanent heritage consultant for Pivara Skopje AD (Coca Cola HBC & Heineken N.V.), advising on issues related to their industrial heritage. Her portfolio showcases a wide array of achievements, including organising scientific conferences and exhibitions, as well as offering consultations and trainings for the management and promotion of heritage in Macedonia and the Balkans. Dimitrovska has collaborated with a diverse group of individuals, institutions, and companies to make heritage accessible to all. She has published over 25 monographs, books, and manuals, alongside more than 50 scientific papers. Dimitrovska’s efforts in preserving the “Martinki Custom” earned her the title of “Best European Heritage Story in 2020” by the Council of Europe and the European Commission. In 2023, she received the European award for “Young European Heritage Makers” for her mentorship at an elementary school. With her extensive experience in education, youth services, and engagement with local communities, Dimitrovska is deeply committed to the preservation and promotion of heritage. She is also the founder of Storytelling Skopje, an educational program focused on heritage interpretation.

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