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Exhibition “Heritage touch” opened in Montenegro

In Podgorica, on September 18, 2023, the exhibition “Heritage touch” was opened in The Montenegro Library for Persons with Visual Impairments, which was realized by the Museum society of Montenegro in cooperation with the Balkan Museum Network. The exhibition is intended for blind people as the most vulnerable and marginalized group of museum visitors.

In the implementation of the project “Heritage touch”, in addition to the Museum society of Montenegro, The Montenegro Library for Persons with Visual Impairments, Natural history museum of Montenegro, Homeland museum Pljevlja, Museum and gallery Tivat, Homeland museum Nikšić, and Museums of Kotor are also included.

At the exhibition, in 2D printing, selected representative small finds which represent the cultural and natural heritage of Montenegro and are preserved in museums that are partners in the implementation of the project. Each museum is represented at the exhibition with three exhibition panels, i.e. with three small finds that (on one panel) will be presented through drawings in 2D format, text in Braille and audio recordings that will be available to visitors via a QR code. The exhibition presents exhibits from the periods of prehistory, antiquity and the Middle Ages, as well as characteristic examples of flora and fauna for Montenegro.

The exhibition panels showing 15 exhibits from the 5 museums were made by Jove Pargovski from the National Institute and Museum in Bitola.