Keynote speech

The Time of Crisis, again?

Tatjana Cvjetićanin

It often seems that heritage professionals work in a perpetual crisis. Or at least, a recurring “time(s) of intense difficulty or danger”. As if emergency, disaster or hardship are inherent to a heritage discourse, along with material consequences on what is created, preserved, governed and used as heritage. So, what is different now?  Are there new challenges or more intensified challenges?

Answer is very simple: we are different. At this critical point, we recognize not just the key role of heritage in our society, but our role and our impact. From protection of heritage in armed conflicts, preventing and resolving effects of natural disasters or addressing climate change, to co-creating strategies for societal transformation, various actions grow to be collective power.

Tatjana Cvjetićanin

National Museum of Serbia & Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade, Curator & Professor

Tatjana Cvjetićanin works as a curator at the National Museum of Serbia and as a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade. She has a rich experience in museum management, strategic planning and development, collection management, presentation and interpretation. Her focus is, both as the curator and the researcher, in the field of Roman archaeology, archaeology in museums, public archaeology and history of those disciplines. She lectures in the relationships between archaeology and the public. She was involved in the development of the Balkan Museum Network from 2006.

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