If your museum would like to become the member of the Network, please fill in this form.

Your application will be reviewed by BMN Steering Board. Members of the Steering Board review applications on the monthly basis thus you would be contacted within 5-6 weeks to confirm your membership in the Network.

Application for the individual membership in the Network is also available here.

Annual membership fee for museums is 30,00 EUR and for individuals 10,00 EUR.

Membership for 2019 is due to be paid but December 2019.

Benefits For Museums And Other Institutional Members:

  • Membership of the network
  • Promotion of the member’s museum
  • Participation in BMN projects, conferences, seminars etc
  • Finding project partners – establishing a marketplace of ideas and good practices, sustainable programmes
  • Exchange of exhibitions between museums in the BMN
  • Professionals to help during the process of writing applications for call for proposals and during the implementation of projects (tenders, promotion, etc)
  • Capacity building of the member’s institution through seminars and workshops organized by the BMN
  • Relevant and useful information on different and diverse museological topics
  • Relevant and useful information on funding possibilities
  • Relevant and useful information on museum equipment (possibility to jointly order and supply museums).

Benefits For Individuals – Professionals:

  • Membership of the network
  • Access to network contacts
  • Access to network documents database
  • Capacity building and learning: participation in seminars, workshops, thematic workshops, conferences etc
  • Receiving information about active projects and network news
  • Finding project partners and potential funders
  • Participation in BMN projects
  • Professional help during implementation of individual or BMN projects
  • Presentation of individual project on a large scale
  • Participation in network excursions
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