The Balkan Museum Network (BMN) exists to celebrate, preserve and share the complex common heritage of the Balkans and to create, through cooperation, a strong, collective voice for Balkan heritage and the museum profession.

Our mission is to change museums in the Balkans by: (a) supporting the development of creative museum leaders; (b) advocating socially responsible museums that promote and celebrate learning; and, through cooperation; (c) to advance the principles of peace and reconciliation using the Balkans common heritage as its springboard for current and future generations.


The vision of the network is to promote widely museums as institutions of learning, discovery, inspiration, and agents of social change – owned and guarded by society, open to everybody and for the benefit of all.


BMN is committed to equality, non-discrimination, participation, transparency and accountability.

  • We believe that museums are places for dialogue that use heritage to promote diversity and celebrate people.
  • We believe that museums can make a positive change in peace-building in the Balkans.
  • We believe that museums and heritage are for all.
  • We believe in the power of museums to help build democratic societies, to work for social justice and to promote sustainable cultural and economic development.

Aims and objectives

  • Key objective 1: strengthening museums and the museum and heritage professions in the Balkans through capacity building.
  • Key objective 2: museums are values and used asd a resource and actor in civil society.
  • Key objective 3: the BMN is a strong platform for cooperation and collective advocacy for museums as institutions and the people that work in them

Areas of work

  • Access and inclusion
  • Strategic development
  • Audience development
  • Collections management
  • Advocacy and lobbing


Membership is open to museums, NGOs and individuals. Annual membership fee is being paid by members.

Legal body

Balkan Museum Network is officially registered on 24th April 2015 as association of citizens (non-governmental organisation) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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