Workshops, parallel session 3

“Museum of Yugoslavia - Where the voice of the community has a real impact?!” Sara Sopić and Aleksandra Momčilović Jovanović, Museum of Yugoslavia

Primarily based on three case studies some of the most influential and participatory oriented museum projects: Hedgehog’s Home – inventing a better world , Museum laboratory, Gastarbeiter stories, this workshop will focus on the methodology that has been used for these projects aimed to make the Museum of Yugoslavia a place that share power with representatives of different communities allowing real impact on museum content and event management. Being fully aware that even in this cases when projects are meant from the beginning with this logic process can lead to many challenges and frustration and even though results are important steps in the field of museum studies and internal museum organisation there is always space for improvement and reflection, and where better then in Tivat on Meet See Do conference? Workshop will from one side introduce these valuable experiences from recent practices to colleagues and on the other create a space where participants of this workshop can be seen as representatives of a community of experts from the museum field that can give their important input through a series of live debates and games. Using the methodology developed in work with young audience, marginalised groups, heritage communities, contemporary artist, learning from mistakes and experiences that we had in Museum of Yugoslavia, we hope to engage curators and attendees who come from different spheres of museum and heritage work with aim to create dynamic platform that will evolve around mutual perception of  “ideal museum”.

Aleksandra Momčilović

Aleksandra Momčilović Jovanović

Museum of Yugoslavia

Aleksandra Momčilović Jovanović, senior curator, graduated in ethnology and anthropology from the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. In recent years, she has been engaged in defining the development policy of the Museum of Yugoslavia and its implementation. She handles the collections in the field of ethnology within the Josip Broz Tito Historical Memorial Fund and the collection of folklore. She earned her higher professional title by working on the exhibition “Juga, my Juga – gastarbeiter stories”, which she co-authored. She is involved in the standardisation and development of the oral archive of the Museum of Yugoslavia. She is continuously interested in issues of the axiological profile of museum objects, especially the symbolic and affective value in the context of the Yugoslav experience and heritological hermeneutics.”

Sara Sopić

Museum of Yugoslavia

Sara Sopić holds bachelor degree in Art history from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and MA degree at UNESCO program for Cultural policy and Management at University of Arts and University Lumiere Lyon 2.  From 2015 she is Curator and Educator in the Department for communication and program development in the Museum of Yugoslavia in Belgrade.  She is author and producer of numerous programs aimed to attract new audience in the museum  such as festival Summer in the museum (production of concerts, plays and plein-air events aimed to attract young audience), inclusion project  Sign museum in which marginalised community is in charge for implementation of inclusion strategy, online project YUDOM developed during pandemic period to engage community form the Yugoslav region in creation of online exhibition about Yugoslav heritage that’s been kept in the homes. She is part of the team that is in charge for social networks and marketing of the Museum of Yugoslavia and co-author and curator of the exhibition “Hedgehog home – inventing a better world” that is currently on display in the Museum of Yugoslavia.

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