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Newest normal - Initiative for guided exhibition tours, Bojana Janeva-Shemova

“The Newest Normal” exhibition tour initiative was created and implemented after the COVID crisis by art historian and curator Bojana Janeva. Through her many years of experience, she is committed to promoting and bringing art and culture closer to all citizens interested in experiencing a different and exciting view of the city of Skopje and contemporary art practices. The initiative is a chance for visitors to immerse themselves in an unusual experience that will allow them to get reacquainted with the city of Skopje. It inspires them to rethink the reasons why it is worth returning to the city with curiosity rather than nostalgia. This initiative continues today in the form of a “Museum guide” at the Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje, which gathers around 150 visitors each time. It also continues as a freelance engagement. “The Newest Normal” was awarded the ICOM-Macedonia prize in 2022.

Bojana Janeva-Shemova

Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje

Bojana Janeva holds a Master of Arts in Art and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education, Maastricht University, The Netherlands; She is curator at the Department of Education and Museum Guides at the Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje; founder of the exhibition tours initiative “The Newest Normal”, for which she was awarded the ICOM-Macedonia prize in 2022; secretary of the Association of Art Critics, Art Historians and Curators (AICA); and member of the Association of Tour Guides in North Macedonia. Her portfolio is full of notable achievements in the field of audience building through her work as a museum guide and in organising educational tours.

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