Case study presentation

Order in disorder - The challenges of working with neglected museum collections, Efrosinija Breshovska

The presentation refers to the challenges in working with neglected ethnological museum collections from the Department of Jewelry and Metal, Glass and Wood Objects. More specifically, it will be presented as over the years, from unclassified, partially documented and unconserved museum objects kept in inadequate conditions, it is possible with minimal funds but a lot of effort for them to be gradually arranged and preserved.

Efrosinija Breshovska

Efrosinija Breshovska is a curator at the NI Institute and Museum of Bitola in N. Macedonia responsible for the ethnological collections of jewellery and household items made of metal, glass and wood. These collections total more than 1400 museum items. Efrosinija is an ethnologist and anthropologist with master’s degree in the field of art history and a specialty in applied folk art, especially traditional silversmithing. She is also a member of several non-governmental organizations such as ICOM (ICME), Balkan Museum Network, Cultural Heritage without Borders, European Heritage Volunteers etc. Since 2022 she has been an author for the digital newspaper of European Heritage Times, where she has published several articles relating her collections and Bitola’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
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