Case study presentation

Play Sirmium, Jasmina Davidović

A short introduction to the Sirmium archeological site and a description of the developed board game. Players cast the dice and move on the board, when they reach the field with the SIRMIUM written on it they have the right to take one card. Cards can be empty or they can have Latin words written on them which have to be read aloud and trying to guess the meaning. There is a third group of cards with items (then the player can turn on one of the icons on the tablet and watch film on the topic and move 8 moves forward). The game is over when the first player arrives at the finish field.

Jasmina Davidović

Museum of Srem, Serbia

Jasmina Davidović is an archeologist curator with 23 years of experience working on many different projects with the Museum of Srem which include numerous workshops specially dedicated to providing interactive education and developing skills in making Roman archeology objects that can be found in the museum.

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