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Safeguarding Cultural Heritage in the Time of Crisis – Meet, See, Do 2024

The topic of the next year’s international museum conference that makes the difference “Meet, See, Do” will be Safeguarding Cultural Heritage in the Time of Crisis. MSD 2024 will be held in Montenegro, where we will partner with our great member Museum and Gallery Tivat. We are happy to have the opportunity to gather colleagues from the whole region, for exciting two days on 18-19 April 2024, exchanging and supporting each other.

The conference will be an opportunity to discuss among the professionals and share examples of topics such as how cultural heritage is saved in time of armed conflict, natural catastrophes and as a consequence of climate disaster, as part of the emergency response for the cultural property protection; What measures are taken to fight illicit trafficking of cultural heritage; What are ways of working on preventive measures of safeguarding, including education, promotion conservation and digital documentation of heritage; Can we reverse political, economic and community neglect of cultural heritage; What is the role of application of technological solutions such as VR/AR in safeguarding cultural heritage; and many more topics that will depend on the proposals for workshop by you, our members.

The call for workshops will be published after holidays in January 2024.

Meet, See, Do 2024 is organized thanks to financial support of the Headley Trust UK.