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Welcoming new members in the Balkan Museum Network

BMN is constantly growing as a network and we are happy to welcome new museum institutions and heritage professionals that have Joined us in Joining Hands. Until September 2023, 3 museums and 4 museum and heratege professionals have joined us. We look forward to our successful future collaboration!


Institutions that joined BMN

  1. Montenegro State Library for The Visually impaired
  2. Natural History Museum of Montenegro
  3. HAEMUS – Center for Scientific Research and Promotion of Culture


  1. Bojana Janeva, Curator from the Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje
  2. Hristina Pandurska Smokovikj, guide from the City Museum Skopje
  3. Olivera Djartovska Tachevska, Curator ethnologist from the Museum of the city of Skopje
  4. Snezhana Aleksovska, Curator from the Memorial house of Mother Teresa