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In an age where digital experiences often outpace physical ones, the treasures of our past — found in museums, galleries, libraries, and other heritage sites — face the challenge of remaining relevant and accessible. These custodians of culture play a crucial role in preserving our collective history, yet many find themselves at a crossroads, seeking innovative ways to engage with a wider audience. This is where your insights become invaluable.

Your experiences, preferences, and expectations can steer the evolution of cultural heritage institutions, making them more aligned with the interests and needs of today’s society. Whether it’s time constraints, geographical barriers, or simply a lack of awareness that keeps you from visiting these sites more often, your feedback can illuminate the path forward.

Our short survey focuses on understanding the key factors that deter individuals from engaging with cultural heritage sites and institutions. More importantly, it explores the potential of technology — Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Haptics, and more — to transform these spaces into more inviting, interactive, and accessible experiences.

We ask you what is the main reason you do not visit museums, galleries, libraries, or other cultural heritage sites or institutions more often, how you perceive the role of technology and about your technological preferences.

By participating in this survey, you’re not just sharing your personal preferences; you’re contributing to a global dialogue on the future of cultural heritage. Encourage everyone you know to participate — the broader the feedback, the more inclusive and dynamic the evolution of our cultural institutions can be.

Survey will take you 3 minutes. Fill it HERE.

This activity is part of the SHIFT project (Metamorphosis of Cultural Heritage Into Augmented Hypermedia Assets for Enhanced Accessibility and Inclusion) that is being funded by the European Union Horizon Europe program.

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