Art workshop “Morska posla / Works of the Sea”

PI Museum and Gallery Tivat in cooperation with the NGO “Children of Tivat” – “Creative Corner”, and with the support of the “Balkan Museum Network” organized an art workshop for children and contributed by participating in this year’s 3rd Wind Festival organized by JK “Delfin”. in cooperation and with the support of Tivat Municipality and Tivat Tourist Organization.

“Marine work” as the theme of the first fair of marine arts and crafts, was an inspiration for the children to present the objects used in the seafaring, in an artistic way and with the help of various techniques, in their works.

The children also painted the sailing ship “Jadran” on circular bases made of recycled office paper. Also, visitors to the Public Institution Museum and Gallery Tivat stand had the opportunity to watch a video showing the process of making multi-purpose decorations with motifs: an anchor, a sailboat and a dolphin, from recycled paper.
The work of this art workshop for children attracted great interest among visitors to the fair. The workshop was attended by many children who are fond of drawing and painting and tried various techniques, presenting marine and maritime motifs.

Art workshop “Morska posla / Works of the Sea” lasted 2 hours. It was led by Zoran Kruta, museum pedagogue and Mirela Slovinkar, senior museum technician, with the support of colleagues and professional staff of the institution.

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