Bibliography for AURORA project

For the research purposes of the International „AURORA“ project, the „Balkan Museum Network“ created a detailed Bibliography of works on the topics that the project deals with: anti-counterfeiting artworks, deep learning about artworks through chemical analysis and spectroscopy, and prevention of theft of artworks/museum artifacts. Aida Šarac Berbić has conducted a Systematic Review with a selection of 317 examined Articles covering from the late 80’s to 2023. Three databases have been used in the exhaustive Search and Selection: Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar, and Academy edu. The examined works that are selected for the Bibliography show an increased interest in determining the legal definitions of the cultural, historical and artistic heritage and its ownership; during the 90s, physicists used spectroscopy and X-rays to research the layers of artworks, and chemists today use chemical markers in the deep learning about artworks. With the development of Digital Technology, new Forms of documenting Museum Objects, tracking, and keeping them safe from illicit trafficking have also been developed.

The Bibliography consists of Scientific Articles, Research Papers, Ph.D. dissertations, Book Chapters, Standards, Guidelines and Handbooks, Proceedings of International Conferences, etc. The Bibliography is compiled in MLA (Modern Language Association) format and is listed in Alphabetical order. Book Titles are given in italics, as well as journals in which Scientific Articles were Published. Every item listed in the Bibliography can be found online using a Search browser.


Download the document HERE.

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