Five Projects Receive Funding Under the Headley SEE Cultural Heritage Fund! 

We are happy to announce the results of the first call within the Headley Southeast Europe Cultural Heritage Fund for 2024.

A total of 46 applications were submitted, and 40 of them were taken into consideration in line with the eligibility criteria.

The external Evaluation Committee had the difficult task of assessing excellent initiatives and projects, but ultimately reached the decision to support the following five institutions and their projects:

Ambelli – “Project Beezantium”

Beezantium project centers on empowering local residents to tap into their Byzantine heritage, reclaiming their past to carve out a brighter future. The project will include workshops, focus groups, and educational campaigns centered on community building and knowledge sharing.

Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje – “MoCA-Skopje Masterpieces 4 All – Project for Accessibility of Contemporary Art”

“MoCA-Skopje Masterpieces 4 All – Project for Accessibility of Contemporary Art” aims to enhance accessibility through capacity-building, educational activities, and creating replicas of artworks that will be showcased through the “Museum in a Suitcase” method. The project will be developed and implemented with the involvement of people with disabilities and relevant educational institutions.

Karoussos Archives – “The Spyronians Podcast Show”

“The Spyronians Podcast Show” is based on the notion that cultural heritage is a living entity that serves as a blueprint for dealing with the global issues of today, and the medium’s potential to reach a diverse audience. A series of podcasts exploring the Byzantine culture within contemporary contexts will look to raise public awareness of this unique cultural heritage, encouraging open dialogue and new interpretations.

SKVER – “Window to the Past: Industrial Heritage of Zaječar”

Project “Window to the Past: Industrial Heritage of Zaječar” aims to reintroduce audiences to the city’s cultural and industrial heritage, raising awareness of the importance of its preservation while making it accessible through digitization efforts. SVKER’s extensive industrial heritage collection will be presented in a new exhibition space and through a social media campaign.

Association Kulturnova – “Fostering Museum Engagement with Young Adults”

Kulturanova’s project centers on youth engagement, and looks to equip museum professionals with the gamification skills opening a new path toward creating engaging experiences for young adults (18-30) in South-Eastern Europe. In this way, Kulturnova aims to boost museum attendance among youth, fostering a vibrant cultural heritage experience.

These five projects were deemed the most innovative and impactful, championing cultural heritage, sustainability, inclusivity, and regional cooperation.

Our sincere congratulations to the selected projects, and a warm thank you to all the applicants for their project ideas in promoting and protecting the rich cultural heritage of the Balkan Region!


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