Irena Ružin from Bitola is a new member of the BMN Steering Board

The voting for a new member of the BMN Steering Board took place last week. There were nine eligible candidates, and the result is following:

Irena Ružin 13
Skender Boshtrakaj 9
Stefanos Keramidas 6
Azra Bečević Šarenkapa 5
Miloš Vukanović 5
Julka Kuzmanović Cvetković 4
Lebiba Džeko 1
Philippos Mazarakis Ainian 1
Zlatko Teodosievski 0


We would like to thank all candidates for their wish to work with the Balkan Museum Network, and we hope to keep great cooperation in the future.

Irena Ružin works as the Programme director in the NI Institute and Museum Bitola.

While applying for this position, she stated:

“I feel that all museums and museum professionals have responsibility to keep, protect and promote our common heritage and teach that if we all work hard together, then we and younger generations will have brighter future. Respecting multicultural heritage, mutual understanding, working for visitors’ programs, working on museum projects and fostering cooperation on many topics – all of that is very important and necessary at the moment for cultural and economic development of the Balkans.”

Congratulations Irena and welcome on Board!
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