Communicate, challenge and provoque through storytelling

BMN Interpretation Working Group has met for the first time in a two-day training! November rain in Belgrade did not minimize the good spirit of team working and learning. Eleven museum and heritage professionals were led by very inspirational trainer Janja Sivec through several topics related to interpretation of cultural heritage. After definitions and principles of interpretation, the participants practiced different approaches to interpretation in the Museum of Science and Technology, and worked on defining the message and themes. On the second day, the training explored communication, learning, meaning-making and visitors´ experience and participants practiced interpretative writing and learned more about interpretation tools. The participants had a lot of fun working together and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity.  

The second training of the Interpretation Working Group took place in December. In History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina members of the group evaluated visitor experience to the museum, from preparation to the follow-up phase. The day spent in the museum was perfect opportunity to practice how you work with multiple objects under a theme. The second day was reserved for presentations of homework prepared by the participants and discussing next steps for the group. Trainings of Interpretation Working Group are the part of the project “Stories of the Balkans – Building capacity of museum professionals in interpretation and access to museums” supported by the Headley Trust from UK.

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