Learning and sharing at ‘The Best in Heritage’ conference (Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25 – 27 September 2014 (13th Edition)

Two members of the BMN Steering Board, Atila Hornok and Etleva Demollari took part at the great “festival” of world heritage – “The Best in Heritage” conference, which has been organized for the last 13 years, to promote the best museum projects and museums that have won the prize in one of the competitions (ICOM, Europa Nostra, European Museum ForumEuropean Museum Academy , and other famous international organizations or foundation). This year, the total of 24 projects that won some prize have been presented, offering inspiring examples and excellent lessons (more information about these projects is available at this link)! Some of the fantastic examples of the projects are MAS from Artwerp, Belgium, Museum of Military History of Bundeswher from Dresden, Germany and Museum of Liverpool  from Liverpool, UK. After each presentation, a very interesting discussion followed creating some memorable moments for the participants.

The conference venue, Marin Držić theatre at Dubrovnik’s main square, is in itself an example of a cultural heritage site that takes you back in time. The hosts, Dr Tomislav Šola and his team have put together a full programme making sure that all participants had excellent time in Dubrovnik.


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