M2M (Museum2Museum): supporting the mobility of museum professionals

  • Would you like to spend a week[1] in another museum learning and sharing?
  • Do you have a concrete learning need, or missing a skill?
  • Do you have a collaboration project on your mind that you would like to develop?
  • Maybe you would like to use the archives, the depot, collections or any other resource from another museum to help you in your research?
  • Are you interested in learning by doing through the active participation in other’s museum programs
  • If you are thinking in these lines, this call is for you! Apply now!

BMN M2M mobility scheme is open to individual members of BMN. As for the host museums the priority will be given to members of BMN, but other museums are also eligible to apply as a host institution[2]. Cross-border collaboration is considered a priority.

The Balkan Museum Network is a platform that celebrates, preserves and shares the complex heritage of the Balkans and creates, through cooperation, a strong, collective voice for Balkan heritage and the museum profession. We support individual and organizational change.

Museum2Museum programme is organized for the first time. With the first call, two museum professionals will be awarded 300 EUR scholarships/per individual for travel and accommodation costs[3].

If you are interested, please apply until 15 May 2019 and plan the visit to take place in the period June – October 2019. Documents needed for the application are

  1. Filled in online application form available at this link https://forms.gle/u8Q9AXFdoysPsYAC6
  2. Prepare and upload the Letter of Motivation explaining your idea and motivation (up to 1.000 words) (To be uploaded into the application form).
  3. Upload the Letter from your employer granting you absence from the work
  4. (To be uploaded into the application form).
  5. Upload the Letter from the host institution expressing the consent to host you (To be uploaded into the application form). This letter should show institutional commitment and explain 1) How your museum will provide the support to the scholar (making staff available for the communication, providing information, documentation, granting access to the collections and depot, participation in programs, and similar)?; (2) How will your museum ensure two way communication?; (3) What benefits do you expect from taking part in BMN M2M?

BMN M2M process is taking place in 6 steps: (1) Expressing interest and commitment, (2) Selection, (3) Signed contract, (4) Transfer of money, (5) Study visit, (6) Submission of the report / evaluation.

The money for the BMN Museum2Museum scholarship scheme is made available from the membership fees paid by BMN members.

Selected individuals will sing a contract with BMN. The report needs to be signed by both the scholar and the host institution, and sent to BMN after the study visit. Format of the report is available here https://docs.google.com/document/d/19gdvlUn1w2rlUjcsZIWOOAOTL7aNIANy9GZDviCpdeg/edit?usp=sharing

Should you have questions, or need a help in finding host museum among members, please write to aida.vezic@bmuseums.net

Download the text of this call.

[1] Minimum stay of the duration is 5 working days. Longer stayes are metter of the agreement between the researcher and the host museum.

[2] Official letter from the director of the host museum is needed to prove that the project of the guest scholar is endorsed by the institution participating in the leaning exchange.

[3] Members of the Steering Board and members of BMN working groups (The Balkan Museum Access Group, BMN Interpretation Working Group) are not eligible for this call.

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