Merima Ražanica from the War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo Wins Peace Curator Prize for Outstanding Contributions in Peace-building and Heritage

During the international museum conference of the Balkan Museum Network, titled “Safeguarding Cultural Heritage in Time of Crisis”, held on April 18-19, 2024, Merima Ražanica was proudly announced as the recipient of the first-ever Peace Curator Prize. This prestigious award celebrates her exceptional contributions to peace-building and heritage preservation in the Western Balkans.

Held in Tivat, Montenegro, the conference brought together professionals from across the region to discuss the vital role of museums in times of social upheaval and conflict. It was in this context that Merima Ražanica’s achievements were recognized, highlighting the critical importance of her work in promoting peace, understanding, and reconciliation in war-affected communities.

Working at the War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo, Ražanica has been key person to create programs and exhibitions that foster dialogue and mutual respect among diverse groups. Her efforts have addressed complex issues faced by communities still healing from the scars of conflict, integrating non-violent communication and inclusive practices into her work to help bridge cultural and generational divides.

The nomination for Ražanica noted her “innovative approaches to peace-building and her deep commitment to fostering empathy and understanding among children and youth.” Her initiatives are not just exhibitions but are active engagements that contribute to a shared understanding of common heritage and ongoing dialogue crucial for building lasting peace.

Merima’s career is marked by her skillful handling of sensitive subjects with compassion and grace. Her attention to detail and personable nature have endeared her to colleagues and participants alike, making her a beloved figure in the field of peace education.

The Peace Curator Prize was established to honor individuals like Ražanica who exemplify the social role of museums in healing and connecting societies. As this year’s laureate, Merima Ražanica’s achievements inspire others in the heritage sector to pursue initiatives that not only preserve cultural heritage but also promote peace and understanding across different communities.

The Peace Curator Prize includes a monetary award of 300 EUR (50 USD coupon generously supported by Dr. Diana Walters, a founding member of the Balkan Museum Network, and and 250 EUR in cash).

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Merima Ražanica for this well-deserved recognition and look forward to her continued contributions to the field of peace-building and heritage preservation.



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