“Museum for all”, a seminar for the museum staff in Macedonia

The Macedonian National Committee of the International Council of Museums (MNC ICOM), in cooperation with the Balkan Network of Museums and the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle organized a seminar on June 22, 2018. The idea behind this seminar was to assess the current conditions and technical solutions for accessibility to museums in Macedonia; To discuss the barriers in museums in Macedonia: physical, sensory, intellectual, barriers in the form of attitudes, cultural barriers and so on; To study the international solutions and achievements to build the criteria for access in museums in Macedonia; To understand the necessity of building partnerships with alliances and organizations of disabled persons, which can help bring about truly sustainable changes and adjustments to museums. The opening of the seminar started with the address of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia Asaf Ademi who greeted the participants and stressed that society and all institutions should behave responsibly to ensure equal enjoyment and access to culture for disabled people. Maja Cankulovska-Mihajlovska, President of the MNC ICOM and Dr. Branislav Svetozarevic, Director of the NU Museum of the Macedonian Struggle also welconed the presented after which international experts had their presentations: Artemis Stamatelou, from. Greece talked about  “Importance of accessibility in museums” and Milena Milosevic Micic, from Serbia about “Activities that increase access in the Homeland Museum in in Knjazevac”. Lectures by the initiators of the seminar followed: Dr Irena Ruzhin “Accessibility in the NI Institute and Museum Bitola”, Ana Vishinova, Daniela Mitevska, MA Emilija Gjorgievska “The Museum’s Experience with Accessibility and Cooperation with Institutions”. The company for products and devices for the care of disabled persons.”MEDIKUS HELP”, which supported this event, made a brief presentation of their product “Lift Car”.

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