National Museum of Leskovac improves inclusion thanks to access surveying process

“Thanks to taking part in the Access Survey process the National Museum of Leskovac was able to fulfill the basic human rights of disabled people who are now actively involved in the social and cultural life of the city, as creators and individuals that also realize the museums’ programme.” Suzana Randjelovic, from the National Museum of Leskovac took part in the access surveying process with two members of the Balkan Museum Accession Group. Based on the recommendations of the report, the Museum has improved the access to its permanent exhibition for disabled people. With the financial help of the Headley Trus from UK in the amount of 1.500 EUR the National Museum of Leskovac improved several aspects of visitor experience. Following the recommendations of the Access Survey conducted by two members of the Balkan Museum Access Group (Artemis Stamatelou and Etleva Demollari) the Museum has developed multimedia content about museum collections that includes translation to Sign Language as well as audio material about the museum collections. Visitors can view this material online at the museum web site or on the screen in the museum. Blind and visually impaired visitors can now walk independently through the collection following 14 meters of installed tactile trail, which leads to a tactile exhibition area within the permanent exhibition. Glasses with additional light and a magnifier are also provided upon the request. And when visitors need to rest their feet, several benches are now available in the exhibition area. All this would not be possible without partnership with disabled people associations, such as the City organization of deaf and partially deaf Leskovac, Association of people with disabilities Leskovac, Association of blind and visually impaired people Srbija and other colleagues and partners.

The National Museum of Leskovac was one of four museums that took part in the pilot Access Survey process, together with NI Institute and Museum Bitola, Museum of Secret Surveillance:  House of Leaves in Tirana and Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad.

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