Presentation of BMN at the UK Museum Association conference in Belfast

Dina Walters, Milena Milosevic Micic and Aida Vezic held one hour session titled “Building with the broken” at the UK Museum Association conference in Belfast that was held on 08-10 November 2018. The objectives of the session were to outline the Balkan situation; to outline how and why the BMN developed claiming the space of dialogue, connecting people, using professional ties to heal, spaces of dissent from accepted / expected attitudes; to outline the challenges faced by the network – as individuals, as museums – what are the risks, what are the main challenges, what are the needs and to invite the UK participants to find ways to connect with the colleagues from the Balkans in order to enhance internationalism. The session was attended with around 60 people and was highly successful. The results are expression of interest for cooperation from various UK colleagues and their interest to know more so they could reach out to colleagues with proposals for cooperation.

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