Tactile Exhibition travels from Northern Macedonia to Serbia

At the National Museum of Leskovac, on December 24, 2019, visiting tactile exhibition from the collection of the National Institute and the Bitola Museum, Republic of Northern Macedonia, opened. The exhibition shows 20 tactile images of objects from the rich collections of the Museum in Bitola, as well as tactile descriptions and texts on Braille.

The objects on display at this sensory exhibition, intended for the disabled people particularly the blind and partially sighted, are from archeological, ethnological, artistic and contemporary art collections, while some of the photographs speak of the architecture of the building in which the Bitola Museum is located and mosaics with the archaeological site of Heracle Lyncestis.
The exhibition’s authoring team is Dr. Irena Ruzin, program director of the Museum in Bitola and Msgr Jove Pargovski, expert associate for digitization of the cultural heritage of the Museum in Bitola, author of tactile paintings, Tatjana Mijatović (Sarajevo, BiH) author of tactile paintings, and Milena Milošević Micić, senior curator historian art of the Homeland Museum in Knjazevac expert consultant in project implementation supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Balkan Museum Network.

The hosting of the tactile exhibition from the collections of the museums in Bitola is the result of many years of international cooperation between the Institute and the Museum in Bitola and the Homeland Museum of Knjazevac , especially in the field of improving accessibility of cultural institutions to persons with disabilities. These solutions make it easier for persons with disabilities to learn about heritage in the first place and through it actively participate in social life. The exhibition also sends a clear message that the lack of sensory experiences in communicating with museum objects does not constitute an insurmountable obstacle, especially when museums and other cultural institutions use the social model of disability. Visiting tactile exhibition at   National Museum of Leskovac is just one of the steps that this cultural institution is making to improve the accessibility of cultural institutions to persons with disabilities.

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