The Best Crafts-based Souvenir 2017 award

During BMN annual conference Meet, See, Do in Thessaloniki “The Best Crafts-based Souvenir” award was presented. After receiving eleven (11) applications through an open call and after the  selection process, the first place has been awarded to the Bosniak Institute – Foundation Adil Zulfikarpasic from Bosnia and Herzegovina for their souvenir “Cilimak”. The second place was shared between The Homeland Museum of Knjaževac and Regional Museum Travnik. We would like to congratulate the winner and thank everyone who applied for the award: History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, City Museum Sisak, Art District NGO, Museum of Yugoslavia, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, National Museum of Toplica and Bunk’ART.

See more presentation about the award 2017 here.

The call for the The Best Crafts-based Souvenir 2018 award is planned in early 2019 so start thinking about souvenirs that you will nominate.

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