The Tactile Museum – National Historical Museum, Albania

On 12 June 2015 the National Historical Museum participated with “The Tactile Museum”, in the event “Culturally different – Diversely able Access to right and services & Anti-discrimination, the Disability Perspective”, organized by the Institute of blind people: “Ramazan Kabashi” in cooperation with TACSO and other non-governmental organizations where it was unfolded the history of the Albanian people through tactile images. The tactile images were prepared by the specialist of the National Museum, Mr. Ledio Xhoxhi.

The event was attended by representatives from regional countries, such as: Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania. All the participants appreciated the tactile images, which were produced in a professional manner. The participating personalities of this activity proposed to realize the same collaboration with museums and institutes in the region. They took a sample of the tactile image, as a concrete example of the contribution of the National Historical Museum’s work in terms of disability.The National Historical Museum will continue to be inclusive; it will continue to organize activities including persons with disabilities.

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