Third transnational meeting of ToMiMEUs Project

Hosted by the House of Traditions the third transnational meeting of ToMiMEUs (Towards a multisensory and inclusive museum for individuals with sensory disabilities) project took place n the 25th and 26th of October, 2021.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of all members of consortium, who discussed the development and implementation of the projects, the outcomes, specifically IO4: Adapted learning experience and IO5: Inclusive learning experience. Also, there were mentioned aspects of project management concerning the administrative and financial aspects related to documents and reports, budget and transnational meetings. In addition, the participants talked about implications of the online and face-to-face training courses and the feedback, communication platform and some future developments within the project.

Read more about the meeting on the project’s web site.

The Balkan Museum Network is the partner in the ToMiMEUs Project. Three representative attended the  third transnational meeting, Dr Irena Ruzin, Milena Milosevic Micic and Jove Pargovski.

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