Traveling exhibitions from the Institute and Museum Bitola come to Zenica City Museum

The Balkan Museum Networkconnects institutions, people and makes new partnerships. In 2018, the Public Institution Zenica City Museum (BiH) and the Institute and Museum Bitola (North Macedonia) formed new friendship and worked to raise the accessibility of these two museum institutions as part of the BMN supported small project “Touching Art”. Collaboration continued in 2019 by hosting two ethnological exhibitions “Bridal Dreams / Bridal Dreams” and “City Costumes”, authored by Mary Stojanov and Nada Genevska-Bracik. The exhibitions are presented from Bitola to public in Bosnia and Herzegovina with an exhibition  at the Zenica City Museum. These two exhibitions will also open in several other museums in BiH.

Bitola and Zenica continue their friendship by planning new joint future projects.

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