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Two museum projects receive support

BMN will support two museum projects in 2020 in partnership with the Headley Trust UK that provides the financial support.

The Museum of Vojvodina will implement the program titled “Doll’s talks”. The project is a new way of presenting the Museum’s content adapted for children, aged 4 to 10, using theatrical scenography and puppets. The museum will devise a script for two stories related to its collection in order to present cultural heritage to children. The first story is “Where did the helmet in my grandma’s garden come from?“ and the second story would be “Oh, what a beautiful bride!”.

The Regional Museum Travnik will implement the project “Art and Sport Against Totalitarianism: The Kulenović Brothers in the Fight Against Fascism”. The project is based on the perception and memorialization of the role that the Kulenović brothers, Muhamed, Skender and Muzafer played in the struggle against the ruling Nazi ideology during the Second World War. An artist, a writer and a football player who rose up against the repressive regime without fear for his life. The main goal of this project is to point out the importance of art in the fight against totalitarian ideologies, to raise awareness of the importance of the Kulenović brothers for the cultural and historical past of BiH and to teach the younger generations the values of the anti-fascist struggle. Project activities will be realised in partnership with two cultural heritage institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Museum of Una-Sana Canton in Bihać and Memorial Library “Skender Kulenovic” in Bosanski Petrovac.

Stay tuned to learn more about both projects!

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