Webinar “Innovation in inclusion, small steps toward great museums”

Join a free international webinar with inspiring examples of museum activities that increase access and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the activities of the museum and museum networks. 

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 31 May 2022, 15:00 – 18:00 CET on Zoom platform. Speakers at the webinar will be: Milena Milošević Micić, MA The Homeland Museum of Knjazevac; Dean Phealus, Editor in Chief, Museum, AAM; Bob Beatty, Ph.D. The Lyndhurstgroup; Irena Ruzin, PhD and Jove Pargovski, NI Institute and Museum, Bitola, Rebeca Richter, Strategic Alliances, Museo Universitario Contemporaneo, German Paley, Aida Mia Brülisauer. 

Full program is available HERE.


This international webinar is organized for museum and heritage professionals, and students. To apply, please fill in this form until 29th of May 2022.

Webinar will be held on the Zoom platform. The link will be sent to registered participants.

You can also submit your questions in advance by writing to info@bmuseums.net and aida.vezic@gmail.com 

Webinar is the part of the project “Making Balkans Museums More Accessible to Persons With Disabilities” that is funded by the United States Embassy in Belgrade through the Alumni Small Grants Program.

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