Cultural leadership for changing societies

Balkan Museum Network is one of three partners in the pilot project “Cultural leadership for changing societies – developing capacities of leaders in culture in the Western Balkans” together with Nätverkstan from Sweden and Creative Mentorship from Serbia. This pilot project will start in August 2015 and in the next 12 months the objectives are

(1) Exchanging experience, knowledge and good practices in leadership and mentorship which would lead to a European project for cultural leadership development

(2) Understanding the needs of cultural leaders in post conflict countries in the context of democracy and human rights;

(3) Creating a base line of current state of affairs;

(4) Developing capacities of local partners in working with cultural leadership;

(5) Establishing professional links between Swedish and Western Balkans organizations for the follow-up activities thus contributing to the integration of cultural leaders from Western Balkans to EU sphere.

The project is supported by Swedish Institute through Seed funding.

Stay tuned for more information about the project results and activities!

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