Doll’s talks – exciting puppet show in Museum of Vojvodina

Museum of Vojvodina implemented the project Doll’s talks, a breakthrough in interpreting the heritage in the museum. For the first time, the elements of the puppet theater are used as a means to make a visit to the Museum more dynamic and interesting. The basic idea of ​​the project is to present certain museum stories, which are transmitted by exhibits from the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Vojvodina, through short puppet scenes, which aim to further motivate children to visit the exhibition. The puppet shows last 15 minutes, and then the story, in the form of a conversation with the curator on the topic from the play, is moved to the appropriate part of the permanent exhibition, also lasting 15-20 minutes. The plays are intended for children aged 4 to 10.

The first story told in this way is about the famous Roman helmets from Berkasovo. A play called “Where did the helmet in my grandmother’s garden come from?” describes the unusual discovery of helmets with a critical review of to whom the treasure discovered in this way actually belongs. In addition to motivating children to visit the exhibition, the play also sheds light on the concept of cultural heritage. Ultimately, the goal of the project is to develop awareness of the importance of cultural heritage and museum heritage, but also to develop the need and habits for visits to cultural institutions.

The program will be implemented for citizens every Saturday from 11 am, with prior email notice in order to comply with current epidemiological measures. For specially announced groups from preschool and school institutions, the performances will be organized in a previously agreed time.

The project is supported by engaged volunteers-actors, from the Novi Sad volunteer service: Bojan Stanišić – mouse, Andjela Andrijević – goldsmith, Rajna Janković – curator and Mili Pajić – grandmother Angelina. The puppets for the play Where did the helmet come from in the grandmother’s garden were made by Višnja Bubanj Vučić, and the scenography by Indira Kandić Nazzal. The curators and pedagogues of the Department of Public Relations and Pedagogical Work sign the script.

Project “Doll’s talks” was financed by the Healey Trust UK through The Balkan Museum Network’s Small Grants 2020 program.

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