Welcoming disabled people with audio and Braille

The Museum of Old Herzegovina in Foča (BiH) is realizing the project “Touch of the Past – Inclusion in the Museum”. Children and disabled young people from the Service Center “Tračak nade / A ray of hope” and members of the Inter-Municipal Organization of Blind and Visually Impaired People from Foča visited the museum.

“This project means a lot to us, because museum exhibits were not available to us before. For the first time, we have the opportunity to get acquainted with the exhibitions and we are grateful for that”, said Dara Đajić, president of the Inter-municipal Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Persons of Foča, Kalinovik and Čajniče.

The visitors will get to know the Museum’s permanent exhibition with the help of audio guides and leaflets in Braille. In this way, the museum is enriching the museum’s offer and welcoming disabled people as audience members.

“The museum is really beautiful and everything is great”, said the member of the Association Petar Maksimović.


Look at the photos from their visit

What a great way to promote and protect cultural and historical heritage of town of Foča and its surroundings!

See the atmosphere in this TV reporting video.

The results of the project were pormoted at the Museum of Herzegovina in Trebinje, where colelagues exchanged experience on  inclusion of people with disabilities in the work of the museum. Colleagues from the Museum of Herzegovina Trebinje shared with  valuable experiences that Museum of Old Herzegovina in Foča will apply in their further work. The members of the Association “Tračak nade” were most enthusiastic about this visit.

The project “Touch of the Past – Inclusion in the Museum” is funded by the Headley Trust UK through BMN Small Grants programme.

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